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  1. I just noticed it's been a while ago we updated our members on what's going on in the Web Services. Even though it might not seem like it on the surface, we're working like ants in the background The progress of SANTA (new training system) is proceeding well, as always we're all working on this in our free time and on a volunteer basis, so the activity level varies a lot from month to month, especially as some have been busy with exams and similar the last weeks. We've now come to a such stage in the development that we're ready to announce some dates! We will conduct first more comprehensive internal testing of the system as a while on 26th of June within the Web Team, this will probably discover a lot of bugs that needs squashing before our next test with Training Director & Assistants scheduled for 11th of July. This will then be followed by a alpha release in start of August. The alpha release will be a gradual recruitment process where we will allow more and more mentors to start using the system while we measure how it performs and fix what needs to be fixed - this way we avoid a "big bang" if everyone would start using it simultaneously and things break for everyone. On a another note, we're soon ready to release our new Booking system for VATSCA that will be used to book slots at many kind of events. This will replace our old booking system for those of you who are familiar with that. The new booking system will make it for sure easier to create slots for events we couldn't before, but we really needed (FSS? ) We just need a bit more time to finish a update to Handover (our central login system) first which introduces the new VATSIM Connect login instead of SSO. You might already have experienced this different and new looking login from Vatsim if you've booked position at CTL or CTP recently. Oh and since last update from us, you probably noticed we got a new homepage that is integrated with the forums! I think that's all of the recent update from the Web Services! Feel free to ask questions if you've any, and enjoy the summer! ☀
  2. Maintenance completed. Site is available again.
  3. Hello, For your information we'll be performing maintenance on Moodle (Learning Center) on Thursday 28th May from 19z. It should be finished within 22z, but it could go quicker than we anticipate. The maintenance is mainly just updates and will mainly introduce security fixes, bug fixes and stability improvements. The service will vary in availability within this timeframe.
  4. This happened due to a change we did on the forums and homepage yesterday. Try booking though this link :) http://old.vatsim-scandinavia.org/book/rt/
  5. Hello there, just another update from the Web department! We've now finalised the new version of Handover - our centralised login service. This one uses OAuth2, which is the same authentication technology as Google uses when you click "Sign in with Google". Each service which want to integrate and pull VATSIM membership data through VATSCA, will need your explicit permission. Handover is designed to not be intruding, so it'll always redirect you back to the original service you came from. However, you may also at any time login to Handover itself here: https://handover.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ This is where you can see which services you've authenticated, and also given the ability to withdraw the permission. It's probably easier for you to check it to understand. Try logging out of the forums, and logging back in. You'll then be presented with the new Handover. For starters the new Handover is only available on forums, but all new services used by us will use this to login, so you'll probably notice it more in the future. TAS will still run the legacy version of Handover, as we're not maintaining TAS anymore - this means that you might need to accept the privacy policy twice, and TAS won't show in the new Handover website. The work of Handover has unfortunately drawn some time away from SANTA, but we had to prioritise the development of Handover to ensure a more modern and robust login infrastructure which will be used in SANTA and other services onwards, not to forget the GDPR requirements. However we earn a lot of time now, as the OAuth2 technology will allow us to very easily integrate with all new services without writing a custom plugin for each one, as it's a standardised protocol. A special shoutout to VATUK who has some open source code which helped us a lot in this update! With this release, our Data Protection Officer has also released a new updated version of the Data Protection Policy, which can be found here: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Data-Protection-Policy-ACCSCA.pdf This update requires you all to accept new policy when logging into Handover.
  6. You might be right, because I never got RDF to work, and I always sit in multiple instances
  7. Hi, Last night we performed a domain transfer to a new company, which should've gone smooth with no problems. However, as you might have noticed some or all VATSCA pages don't work anymore. The issue is fixed, but it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate and display correctly again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  8. I misphrased, I ment that "Climb via SID, FL210" does not cancel restrictions, and "Climb FL210" does So there's no point of saying "Decend via STAR", as "Decend .." means the exact same?
  9. In Norway I've been taught to say "Climb via SID, FL210" and "Climb FL210" to cancel restrictions. Same with "Decend via STAR, FL90" or "Decend FL90".
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone Before the dinner is ready and presents get unpacked, I thought to share an update from the web team, as last time was October. Handover (our centralised login system for member data) is still to be implemented on forums, as currently it only exists in TAS. You'll probably not notice the implementation at all once it's done, as the only visual difference is that you might be served a Privacy Policy to accept upon login, if you haven't already accepted it when logging into TAS. Development of SANTA (Our successor of TAS) has started and the progress is currently a bit slow and steady due to lack of time. SANTA will not come home for Christmas, but Christmas lasts to easter, right? But on a serious note, we don't have a time estimate of when it's done at this point, but we hope it'll be ready for release VATSOON™. Lately we've worked mostly on the design, login screen, and the application form for training. We still have quite a lot to do, but we hope the current vacations might boost things a bit as well I've attached some screenshots of the current state. SANTA is currently our top priority, and Handover a side-objective. Otherwise we have a lot of other things and requests we'd like to do, but we're unable to prioritize at this point, but I'll wrap it up here to keep it short. Happy holidays, and a happy new year Best regards, the Web Department
  11. This downtime affects our login systems, making it not possible to sign into our systems like Forum, TAS etc due to SSO being a part of the affected services. We've not received any notice of when to expect it back and running.
  12. If you or someone want to make sure these pictures are taken, then you're more than welcome! I'd be very helpful Just make sure there's some traffic on them, and send me the raw pictures without editing or putting/collaging them together, then we can display a random country FIR for each time you load the page.
  13. I've tested the pictures, and it's close. Though what I need is a picture like this, but 1440p and without all windows. If someone manages to take a picture of their scope with the correct resolution and remove all windows, post it here! Perhaps your scope will be the front of SANTA
  14. This is great! I’ll crop it and see if we can use it! Thanks a lot!
  15. The deadline has passed, unfortunately with no entires. If someone still want to create a entry, please message me ASAP. If no one are able to contribute, we’ll do this ourselves, but we will not guarantee that the solution will represent each FIR as thought initially. As we’d rather focus on developing Santa
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