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  1. Here's a link to XP11 scenery for Hornlanda and Stegeborg (two uncontrolled fields in the Östgöta area), released this morning: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/15eYUEaIQI2uHwC_xax-CeWic4__7uTMZ?fbclid=IwAR2S0GHQsuYSAos4-MrAIfRwJPnXqJOKB6bvJXzTlMms1fLl1MHWFbivH7s The readme files specify which libraries etc. are required, make sure you use the real radio frequencies when flying into the fields (not 122.8). Thanks to @Oskar Gustavsson for developing these!
  2. I believe you can just replace the original sound file in the plugin folder
  3. Incorrect. They're just aliases and can be changed to suit local phraseology: Whether a plugin can utilise these aliases I'm not sure of, though.
  4. Download the beta build from the link in the first post and overwrite your current files.
  5. Please join me in welcoming Erik to the team of Arlanda endorsed controllers! Great job tonight!
  6. Hi, I can't get RDF to work when running multiple instances of Euroscope. It does not seem to matter whether RDF is enabled on just one or all of the instances, it never works. On a single instance setup, however, it works like a charm. Is this normal behaviour or a bug?
  7. Always a pleasure controlling you guys, see you next time!
  8. The VAT-Spy border isn't drawn correctly, ESKS is on the Swedish side (albeit very close to the border, and a portion of the TMA is in the Norwegian FIR). Ref: https://www.aro.lfv.se/Editorial/View/6953/ES_ENR_6_1-1_en
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