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  1. For a nice interactive map that shows all controlled airspace and visual reporting points visit https://aviamaps.com/en
  2. Apron S is also included in that tdg scenery you linked but it doesnt have apron E
  3. @Martin Tornberg I dont know where you get your info from but X-Plane default scenery includes all aprons. Latest version is available https://gateway.x-plane.com/scenery/page/ESSA if you want to download that before it ships (3 updates have been accepted that are not yet included).
  4. I recomend everyone to use git instead of downloading the zip every time just do git pull in the folder and it will download the changes from github (might need to install git if you dont have it already on windows). Just a friendly reminder since "download the github files" might not be clear enough to people on the best way to update git repositories.
  5. beta a bloody beta [breathing intensifies] its a beta you cant use a beta I only got hate when I recomended beta the last time a few months ago
  6. Congrats to both @Aarne Autio and @Paavo Ojala for passing their checkouts!
  7. X-Europe is not photorealistic scenery it is autogen based on OSM data (correcting the default autogen buildings, forests etc.) if you want to have photorealistic scenery use Ortho4XP to generate Ortho tiles, which converts satellite imagery into the scenery. You can use X-Plane default mesh for autogen, the aforementioned X-Europe or HD/UHD-mesh from Alpilotx for the mesh but Ortho4XP won't generate that mesh itself you need to include that yourself.
  8. 1. Best is just to generate some Ortho tiles (photorealistic) with Ortho4XP. Maybe get some airport sceneries for airports that have better than default sceneries available (Many default airports already include the best scenery available as deafault on X-Plane (use https://gateway.x-plane.com/ to check when the default scenery has been updated and by whom)). 2. VFR landmarks from https://simheaven.com/ is OK but for best results use Ortho tiles as well. 3. Data from Navigraph or Aerosoft will update all fixes, airways, VOR/NDB/DME/TACAN stations, ILS localizers as well as all SIDs and STARs. Basically everything there is to update.
  9. This is one of our latest feedback, thank you, for taking the time to send this invaluable information god knows what we would do without it.
  10. I have tried to get those to work, in the past, but haven't succeeded. Not sure if it's TopSky, that's doing that. And if it is, I haven't the faintest idea why or how to possibly work around that.
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