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  1. Interested to participate. Last one in Vienna was really nice.
  2. Thank you Magnus and Oliver for your kind words. As the board have decided, the primary part for membership director position, as it was defined when I entered 3,5 years ago has been more or less replaced by better technology integrations between our forums and membership database towards the Vatsim network. The second part, moderating forums and handling disputes by members I have not spent much time with. Therefore I agree that as of now the membership director position is not really needed. Let me just say that I have enjoyed these 3,5 years on a staff position and hopefully I can find some other way to contribute to Vatsim Scandinavia in the future. All the best, see you at the scopes. //John
  3. I can support, guess TWR then? Edit: Sorry, forgot, can't join. Hope the checkout runs well anyway.
  4. Nice to hear that. Welcome to Vatsim-Scandinavia.
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