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  1. I have another request: In VATSpy Aarhus is spelled "Aaehus", is it possible to change that to Aarhus?
  2. Just what I meant! Perfect!
  3. If you guys are able to make it, wouldn’t it be an idea to extend the EKDK boundaries so it also covers the delegated area which we have been given from Scottish? Often pilots call on frequency “I can see that I am outside your airspace...” when they are not... Just an idea, if it is possible to make
  4. I'll take some, next time I'll be on EKDK (Probably this weekend).
  5. Maybe we could take a picture of each FIRs scope (Like the one on the picture) and combine them with their flags? - So we get every FIR represented?
  6. Congratulations @Jakob Elaaidi and Simon!
  7. Thanks @Daniel Andersen @Claus Hemberg Joergensen and @Martin Tornberg! ?
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