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  1. One idea could be to add "Simulator crashed" feature that would work on every addon. So you know if sim has possibly crashed and can get back to your PC quickly to recover the flight with aurosave.
  2. Hello, Good news for Swedish and Scandinavian flight simmers with ORBX continuing to develop airports in Sweden. Next up on their line is Kiruna and Dala airport bundle. Preview pictures and more information is available at: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/154214-an-introduction-to-esnq-kiruna-essd-dala-airport/ Hopefully they can do something in Finland as well soon! / Jouka
  3. Hello Rickard, Cogratulations on the first flight! See it wasn’t that terrible, was it. Remember always that if you don’t understand or hear what the controller is saying, always ask them to say again, even if it takes 5 times before you understand the message. Most likely at that point the controller will help you by text as well so it doesn’t take too much space from frequency. In the end, it’s much better from controller side to know that the pilot knows exactly what insturction he gave instead of being unsure if the pilot heard it or is just guessing. Also it’s much smaller pain to everyone to ask controller to say again than it’s to solve the problem if you didn’t understand something and are not following the instruction. Over time as you gain experince you can kind of start to expect what the controller will say next. For example on departure you can expect a direct and new altitudes, on approach you can expect speeds, headings and altitudes etc. That way you are mentally already prepared to the next message and it becomes easier to understand. See you in the virtual skies!
  4. I have to agree there as well. Maybe @Martin Tornberg can tell us here what CTP team said back them. Maybe their line has changed or the it's inconsistent. EGLL-MKJS is 500 nm longer than KJFK-EFHK. And there is around same amount of heavy stands available + Helsinki has also remote stands where aircraft can be parked.
  5. As far as I am aware Matrin Tornberg tried to get Helsinki into CTP at one point but it was rejected for not having enough stands for heavy aircraft. I cannot remember if they also stated that it’s too far away. The lack of heavy stands (or stands in general) would also be a problem with Keflavik airport unfortunately. Luckily we have been able to get Iceland involved on enroute controlling and it’s becoming a big part of ensuring smooth CTP Oceanic crossing for pilots as the event seems to get larger and larger each year.
  6. Hello Alasdair, Have a look on this thread to find all the necessary documents with routings within NEFRA. On RAD documents you can see NEFRA as a free route airspace. That means you can take directs within the airspace borders freely. In other words, you can direct from any point to another as long as the durect line between the waypoints stays withing the Free Route Airspace limits, both laterally and vertically. So, only necessary routings are really when you are entering the Free Route Airspace from an airport inside the Free Route Airspace which is not part of the airspace. For those routings you can find necessary information from the documents on the link given earlier. / Jouka
  7. You can get it by going to http://euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html It always shows the most recent one on top but you can access the older ones by modifying the URL. In this case change the end from 16 to 10. http://www.euroscope.hu/installbeta/EuroScopeBeta32a10.zip
  8. We are finally in December and behind the first window of the advent calendar we can already see how Santa is training Rudolph and friends again for the special night. Who knows, maybe we can get a glimpse of Santa's reindeer doing flights in the night sky over Rovaniemi during Fly And See Santa. And of course our pilots don't need to worry for reindeer strikes. Santa told me that the RCAS (Reindeer Collision Avoidance System) makes sure no reindeer will get on the path of a commercial plane even in as busy airspace as Rovaniemi during this magical event. How else do you think Santa is able to navigate across the globe in the middle of busiest travel season of the year? If you haven't already, it's time to book this event on your calendars!
  9. On Helsinki Airport with squawk mode C while moving on the ground is to simulator the ground radars that cannot be simulated right now on VATSIM with the correct mode. So to have at least something illuminated we ask pilots to squawk mode C so simulate the usage of ground radar. As far as I know you can also use squawk mode C on Sweden as well but controllers doesn't really specially tell you to if you don't. In Finland we have had this habit to tell the pilot on their taxi clearance if they don't alredy have squawk mode C so pilots would maybe remember it next time and use it. So short answer. As far as I know there there is no harm done if you use squawk mode C on ground in Finland or in Sweden. / Jouka
  10. As people already said, use the callsign. As the name says it's the flight callsign for communication between ATC and pilots and it follows ICAO standards. The flight number (which is not by the way NAX, but DY) is IATA standard. ICAO and IATA differ in their original standpoint. ICAO is more for operational stuff between pilots and ATC while IATA is flight information for passengers to put it extremely bluntly. On VATSIM we don't need to worry about IATA at all and it just makes ATC confused. On the other note as well. You list flight number NAX1885E / NAX85TA. On Virtual Norwegian they use the letters on flight number just to separate that flight from other flights with the same number to make the flight correct if it has different departure time on certain days for example. It's a bit complicated system there. In real life the correct flightnumber and callsign would be DY1885 / NAX85TA.
  11. Good luck to Antti today on his checkout. Supporting ATC on Helsinki tower and ground at least. IFR/VFR, departure, arrival or transit, you name it. Welcome!
  12. Congratulations. Three weeks of checkouts in a row and three passes. Lets have fourth one next week as well!
  13. Every field gets equal amount of slots. EGKK is not given more slots than any other airport. UK slots usually go the fastest and also gather most interest from non-event traffic. / Jouka
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