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  1. I noticed a small section of taxiway Y5 is wrongly designated Y4. Only really noticeable when you use the default FS ATC... EDIT: Slightly more relevant is that the DMEs are missing for both runways. I can have a look at the files and do some adjustments myself if that's OK with you @Martin Stockzell @Arvid Hjalmarsson?
  2. Just installed this scenery, finally an accurate one for Bromma! I'm running P3Dv3 and the P3D version crashes the sim. FSX version seems to work fine though.
  3. Correct. But in Sweden for example we have no SIDs with altitude restrictions, except the initial climb clearance, and obstacle/airspace/noise altitudes that are "at or above". So there is no need to use the "level restrictions cancelled" or "unrestricted climb" phraseology.
  4. I don't think "to" was ever officially removed from the phraseology in Sweden. It is still standard ICAO phraseology, but some countries (like the UK) have decided to remove it from level instructions in order to avoid confusion with "two".
  5. For the ICAO phraseology, this may be of help: https://www.icao.int/airnavigation/sidstar/Documents/SID-STAR Phraseologies Leaflet.pdf As far as I know, in Sweden the "climb/descend via SID/STAR" phraseology has not been officially implemented (it is not mentioned in our phraseology regulations). For the other Scandinavian countries I'm not sure, but in general we all tend to follow ICAO phraseology. In the UK they should indeed always say "climb now". In real life, if they don't say "climb now", usually the pilot will ask if it's "cliimb now" or not, and I've never heard them issue a climb clearance above SID levels that does not cancel the restrictions. In real life it's very common to use "climb unrestricted" even if it's not official phraseology. It's useful because it's a short phrase and it makes it absolutely clear that there are no level restrictions.
  6. Are you sure the callsign is actually online? I'm not 100% sure but I think it needs to be a callsign that's online, and that doesn't have a flight plan filed already. So if the pilot logged in as OY-ABC it wouldn't work with OYABC for example.
  7. I get the correct click spot to create APL on an uncorrelated track. If you don't have that option it sounds like your tag definition is not set up to use the TopSky function for uncorrelated tracks. Exactly, Flight plan window, CREAPL
  8. Maybe this is the key to why they get sent to the military stands: Since many of your stands don't have any restrictions in terms of aircraft dimensions, type or WTC, as soon as the "USE" restriction is lifted I suppose any aircraft is likely to get assigned to those stands. Also if my understanding is correct, having both ATYP and wingspan restrictions for the same stand is redundant, as the only aircraft that will ever get assigned to those stands are the C130. If you want to make it so that C130 has to go there, but the stand is also available for aircraft with wingspan up to 41 m, then you should create a duplicate stand with different priority, for example: //STAND M1 STAND:ENGM:M1:N060.12.37.184:E011.05.52.867:40 PRIORITY:+1 ATYP:C130 STAND:ENGM:M1:N060.12.37.184:E011.05.52.867:40 USE:T WINGSPAN:41 This means that firstly stand M1 would be used by C130, but it's also available for any "T" aircraft with wingspan up to 41 m. Looking in the aircraft file the C130 is defined as C by the way, so you would not be able to direct C130s to any stand using the "T" usage category.
  9. Hmm no it was never white, but a light grey colour. Actually it worked very well with the light conditions that they have in the Swedish ATC centres (BIG windows, lots of natural light). I think they've had to start using blinds a bit more now to make the screens easier to see with the darker colours. But you get used to the new colours fairly quickly as well...
  10. Interesting, but you'd need a mouse wheel for it! Not just a middle button like in Sweden.
  11. I believe we already have some fictional features, such as being able to scroll with the mouse wheel (no mouse wheels but just a middle button in the real ATC centres in Sweden ), but I believe you're right that in general Juha is trying to simulate the real system as closely as possible. We have gone to some lengths figuring out the correct RGB values for every colour etc etc... @Alexander Arlow I'm curious, is TopSky in use in Austria these days?
  12. https://www.nats.aero/discover/plane-talking/
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