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  1. I run PD3V4 under Windows 10 and the Navgraph cycle 1903 My question is concerning the discrepancy between the Vatsim ground chart for EDDF and the equivalent as depicted in my sim. The taxiways and gates have an entirely different nomenclature and runway 22R is missing in the sim. It looks to me as though the sim ground scenery is out of date. How do I resolve this without having to buy expensive payware. I was recently exposed to this problem during a flyin at EDDF and was unable to join in the activity. I enclose an example based on my EDDF experience. EDDF1 is the scenery info I was using in EFB. EDDF2 is how it was depicted in EFB and EDDF_001 it the VATSIM pdf of the chart used during the flyin. You will see the different taxiway nomenclature and absence of runway 25R. John EDDF_0001.pdf
  2. Members 35 posts Report post Posted 19 hours ago I run P3DV4 and EFB v2 under Windows 10. I also have Orbx Global (base + LC + Vector). My Navgraph Cycle is 1903. I recently was logged into EDDF at Gate 34 - there was a flyin and I wanted to follow the ground traffic using the new vPilot utility and EFB2. I quickly realised that all my taxiway designations were out of date and runway 25R was missing. This is apparently due to and inactual airport scenery file. Can anyone point me to a download which would solve this problem for me. The webb seems to have several alternatives, however, it would be useful if you could recommend one which matches the current VATSIM CHART. John
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