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  1. It is possible to change the CPDLC notificaiton sound?
  2. Are you completely sure 7000 is used for mode-S correlation of controlled VFR flights? Wouldn't they instruct the VFR flight to set 1000? Is Mode-S correlation really used at lower levels as well - not only above FL100?
  3. ICAO provides an API with realtime NOTAMs: https://www.icao.int/safety/istars/pages/api-data-service.aspx The free version only allows for 100 requests per month, so obviously if they are retrieved client side that won't work. But if you have the possibility to cache them server side and then distribute them to clients, 100 calls/month should be fine.
  4. Just a bit of feedback to whoever published the routes. A lot of pilots to Billund were coming in much too high. Probably because if they actually entered ALS-LOKSA-GELBA in their FMC (instead of just ALS-LOKSA) it messed up their descend planning.
  5. I was going make a comment about Rovaniemi but I see that is already one of the airports in the settings file Would be super cool to have an AMAN for use on VATSIM
  6. Hmm. When trying that, I get "Error: Unable to create APL (invalud callsign)". Any idea why?
  7. Question regarding the TopSky plugin: When clicking on an uncorrelated track, according to the manual, there should be an option to create an APL.However, I only get the default ES menu with an option to manually correlate. Obviously the APL function is not used nearly as often on VATSIM as it is in real life, but it would still be nice to have. Do I need to change something somewhere to enable that option? Is there another way to create an APL (via the FPL window maybe?)
  8. Is there any way to adjust the resolution of the TopSKy plugin? All the menus are really small on my screen (2560x1440). Also, the click areas for the top menu are off. For example, to access the "Info" menu, I have to click just right of the "MSG" button. See attached screenshot.
  9. Hope this is the right forum. In the Ground Radar plugin, how do I save the settings, so I don't have to change the settings every time I load ES?
  10. I can see that the links do not longer work. But just for future reference, please remember that sharing recordings of aviation radio in Denmark is illegal ...
  11. Just to clarify, RECAT-EU has not been implemented yet (at least not anywhere in Scandinavia). So everything is business as usual. And knowing how long it usually takes to implement new rules in aviation (just think about 8,33 kHz spacing ...) I guess it will be another 5-10 years before it is used everywhere.
  12. Note that the ICAO recommendations are just that - recommendations. Every contry have its own rules, and there are often small local differences. For example, in Denmark, you shall add "HEAVY" on the initial call to tower/AFIS/approach/arrival only, not when talking to ACC: Source: BL 7-14
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