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Found 3 results

  1. ACCSCA7 - Director of Reykjavik FIR is VACANT! The position description is as follows: Work closely with the other FIR Directors, and report directly to the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia. Oversee and develop rules and regulations to facilitate the online experience for each respective country. Monitor and update ATC-operational procedures to improve the virtual online environment for each respective country. Appoint members to help in the work to create files for the ATC-operational softwares (charts, PDF-files, sector files etc). Work closely with the Training Director in order to create a suitable online training environment for new, and existing, VATSIM Scandinavia members. Work closely with the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia and, if necessary, assist him or her in his or her duties. If the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia is on leave, continue his or her work until the Director returns. If the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia is removed, resigns or if he or she becomes unexpectedly and permanently absent, form a temporary board until a new Director has been elected. These are the requirements: Vatsim Scandinavia member for at least one month ATC rating of S3 or higher Questions regarding the position, please contact me: director@vatsim-scandinavia.org Application period ends 15:th of January 2016 at 12:00 UTC. Applications are sent to election@vatsim-scandinavia.org . Application should include: Name Vatsim CID Vatsim ATC rating Short description of your self and also why you are the ideal candidate for this vacant position. Appointment process (constitution 5.7.3) Appointment of members of the executive staff is done in cooperation with the present executive staff. If the present staff is unanimously for the new candidate, he/she can be appointed without further election. If the present staff is not unanimous, a public voting should be held in the same manner as for election of director. The present staff constitutes the election committee and each member can propose one candidate. Magnus Gustafsson Director
  2. VATSIM Scandinavia board appoint Arvid Hansson as Training Director. During appointment process for Training Director, board received withdrawal of application for Training Director by Kristian Kling. VATSIM Scandinavia board reassembled and reached unanimous decision according to VATSIM Scandinavia constitution to appoint @Arvid Hansson to our new Training Director. @Arvid Hansson and @Claus Hemberg Joergensen will share responsibilities for Training Director during an short transition period, as there is an demanding position with much information and processes to be handled. Note: Neither Kristian Kling nor Arvid Hansson were interested in position as Deputy Training Director that have been mentioned in some other threads in this forum. Please join me in welcoming Arvid Hansson to the demanding position as Training Director and at the same time thank @Claus Hemberg Joergensen for the time as Training Director. Magnus Gustafsson Director
  3. APPOINTMENT It give me great pleasure to inform you that @Peter Persson has accepted to dedicate his time to safeguard our services regarding server/website and forum, together with @Mathias Johnsen and @Anders Moen . As Peter is not fulfilling requirements according to constitution regarding official staff position, his services are accepted as an external workforce. Peter´s credentials IRL:Network Architect in commercial company in the server industries. Peter is given email account peter@vatsim-scandinavia.org and are given full credentials to al our systems. Working description: Maintaining and develop server and web infrastructure for Vatsim Scandinavia, in coordination with @Mathias Johnsen and @Anders Moen or other staff member with position concerning server/web. Assist with technical problems when it arise.Please join me to welcome Peter to our community! Magnus
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