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Found 8 results

  1. I have just released a new version of my RDF plugin for Euroscope, updated after Audio For Vatsim went live. RDF (Radio Direction Finder) is particularly usefull when controlling geographically large sectors (for example Eurocontrol North, Sweden Control etc.). When a pilot starts his voice transmission, a circle is drawn around the radar tag, or a line in the direction of the tag if outside the visible screen. This reduces the number of used ".find" commands, since the plane can easily be found with the highlighting. More info and download: https://github.com/chembergj/rdf
  2. Since moving to Windows 10 Insider edition fast ring, for reasons unrelated, I had modified some settings regarding languages to my liking as usual. At the time, I had also enabled UTF-8 support (Administrative language settings "Change system locale...") despite it being marked beta while being oblivious as to its effects on the applications I use. And for a while, everything was as usual, and I suspected nothing of it. However, it was at a time I wasn't too active as a controller as I had many other duties. Recently having started to control more, I noticed that none ANSI symbols on my keyboard or messages received did not display properly. After reinstalling Euroscope multiple times and searched for an answer for a considerable amount of time, finally today, I discovered the root of the issue, which was the Windows UTF-8 support. tl;dr ES doesn't work properly with Windows UTF-8 support enabled (non ANSI symbols are not displayed properly). Having written this, I have since also noticed Notepad2-mod has also started to work without having to switch the document type to UTF-8.
  3. I made a plugin for Euroscope to generate IFR routes. Let me know what you think! Download: https://github.com/Huijaaja42/RouteFinder
  4. Have you been annoyed by the default folderstructure in Eurocope? Or that you can't just easily move ES to another PC, because files are connected together in Documents folder or Program Files? Or wish a new tag family that focuses a bit more on making it more productive to control? Then Improved Euroscope might be something for you! Here I've assembled, and configured the newest Euroscope beta into a improved and portable version (can be shortcuted to IES - Improved Euroscope). It's important to point out that the updates for easier ground view, tags and such are not focused on realistic representation of systems in real airports, it's mostly productivity improvements based on my own experience, and perhaps how it maybe should look in the future. Anyhow, you still have full possibility to disable these functionalities and use IES as standard realism settings with the possibility of portability. What's the difference between IES and default Euroscope? Wherever you put it, it works without any install or setup, you can easily move it between computers without destroying or mess up settings. You can easily have you IES on a USB-stick. You can have the same Euroscope at all your computers, only one folder! You can also place it in Dropbox for example to make your life even simpler because of IES. By standard, the visual part with screen and scratchpad of NATCON (Used in Norway at least) is deactivated. The plugin is still loaded, as my new tag family uses information from it to generate the Arrival list and similar. My brand new tag family "NorDan", it reassembles a lot NATCON tag family, but I've added more useful information for planes on ground, like plane type and other things I thought was missing in NATCON. NATCON tags were hardcoded and very difficult to edit how they were displayed, that's why I had to create a new tag family. All NATCON functionality is kept for those who wish to use IES for portability but with NATCON. All plugins which are required to sit ATC in Norway are included and configured. Like ATIS and VCCS. By default you get pre-defined scopes for ENGM with ENGM_GND (vSMR version), ENGM_TWR_01 & 19 (draws correct SID/STARS). For you elsewhere in Scandinavia and like IES; feel free to make scopes/settings for your airports and send it to me, and we can try to build this into a more Scandinavian-diverse version - it would be cool if we could get the most major airports into one IES, making guest controlling even easier. No ear-rape start up sound, aka. no startup sound. Euroscope and/or sectorupdates should not override the tag families anymore due to the new settings structure. Changelog Download Version 1.0: Download here Euroscope: v. Sector file: v.58 (Norway) Version 1.1: Download here Euoscope: v. Sector file: v.59 (Norway) Version 1.2: Download here Euroscope: 3.2a(r18) Sector file: 190701 (Norway) ____________________________________________________ Troubleshooting Does thing not work or behave weird? > Remember to run IES as administrator, or you might quickly run into trouble, especially if you put it in Program Files-folder. > Remember to setup sound input/output/PPT etc. > Load in the NorwegianDan profile, unless you don't want the Norwegian setting file. Installed on a new computer and the font is missing or looks weird? > Install Euroscope.ttf font which you find in the main folder.
  5. Hi guys, Today I had this problem with ES. Notice in the screenshot the route is drawn to Norway instead Germany and does not match the routing in the FPL in any way(ALASA is shown because the traffic got a manual DCT there flying from EKOD) Same goes for handoffs and directs, these are populated by the incorrect route which you can see drawn. Any ideas how this happened, this is very weird indeed! I use: ES3.2a R15, TopSky 2.1(DK), Ground Plugin for Denmark.
  6. A new ES Beta is out, with a few bug fixes and a crash handler(!). http://euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html
  7. I've seen other people online with ES radar on one side of the screen and a view from the tower on the other side of the screen. With the new vPilot update just out does anyone know if this is possible, if so how do you do it? Thanks in advance /Fredrik
  8. A few days ago I was controlling TWR at Ålesund, ENAL. I had a pilot flying to Gardermoen, this was after Airac 1508 was released. In the IPPC charts from Avinor the SID for TITOD has been removed and replaced with GIGIR. Next I notice that Euroscope and the sectorfile is not updated, I still have TITOD as a SID. No problemorino, I give the pilot an Omnidirectional Departure. Now enough "foreplay", here is the issue. I tried to update the sector files from Euroscope, for Norway and got an error message. I tested also adding the sectorfiles from Sweden and Denmark to see if they also was downloaded, still the same error. The error is posted below, anyone know why this is happening? Is the files available on the servers of Vatsim Scandinavia? Best regards Harald
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