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Found 2 results

  1. I made a plugin for Euroscope to generate IFR routes. Let me know what you think! Download: https://github.com/Huijaaja42/RouteFinder
  2. We are pleased to announce the release of vStrips, a revolutionary new Electronic Flight Progress Strip system for the VATSIM network. Euroscope includes a rudimentary electronic flight progress strip system in the form of lists, however vStrips revolutionises this basic system and provides a system that is used in many real world aerodromes. This is based on the legacy “paper strip” system. Currently, it is not intended to provide support for Air Traffic Control positions above aerodrome level (AIR). vStrips is very simple to setup as it only requires a plug in to be loaded into Euroscope and to be logged in for the program to automatically select the correct view and display aircraft flight plans as strips. As well as displaying the basic data that Euroscope lists display, vStrips displays many more data elements at relevant times based on the aircraft’s state and progress. Aircraft are represented by strips displaying flight plan data. Strips are moved between bays which show the progress of the aircraft. vStrips can communicate between different controllers using it, this gives controllers a much more immersive experience. Should a controller not be online or using vStrips, the program will automatically either use Euroscope available data or show a bandbox configuration. The program also provides 2 versions which have been specifically adapted to Manchester (EGCC) and London Heathrow (EGLL) these versions also have their respective documentation detailing the differences from the generic version. Currently, vStrips comes with data and drawings for major UK airports, however you can still use the program at all aerodromes. You can submit a request for aerodrome data to be added to the program here. As with all VATSIM software vStrips is provided completely free of charge, but should not be included in any other product without the prior written permission of the author. ☞vStrips only functions with Euroscope 3.2 on the VATSIM network.☜ Sounds great! Where can I get it? ✈ Download it here! My airfield has no vStrips data‽ ✈ Sends us a suggestion ticket here! Have a problem? ✈ Check the FAQ here! Not in the FAQ? ✈ Check the forum here! Not in the FAQ or the forum? ✈ Send us a ticket here!
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