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Found 1 result

  1. Hello dear members! I would like to start the discussion among members and also gather some key data via an survey, regarding amendment of our constitution. Vatsim Scandinavia member survey Intentions with this survey is to gather information of the general opinion in our community. This survey is not connected to forum/vatsim account. Current constitution Membership We do not have own register of our members, that is a fact and there is no need to dig deeper why not as we can´t turn back time! Before VATSIM SSO, the only register we had was users who had created forum profile and been checked that name and CID did correlate, maybe did some adjustments and thereafter the users forum account was approved. If there ever was an register of members and it´s found , that has most certain become so old that is of no use. Also with current SSO credential checks, there is many that have not created forum or website profile yet and old "members" that maybe never will. What does the http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/information/member-roster/ show?! It shows Vatsim members that have chosen subdivision "SCA" and with that are eligible for training requests in Vatsim Scandinavia and not counted as visiting controllers. I suggest for discussion an proposal regarding Membership/Application: ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Member voting rights Currently the community is an ATC oriented community as it´s only active ATC that are eligible to vote in issues concerning Vatsim Scandinavia. During latest discussions regarding amendment of constitution (sorry to say, all those discussions are in your memory as old forum is deleted) several opinions was presented, these two was at least presented by several during those discussions: Maintain current requirement --> only active ATC have voting right in issues concerning Vatsim Scandinavia Al members that are members in Vatsim Scandinavia and are not in status of inactive in Vatsim membership database (not active as ATC or pilot for a year, this is automatically updated in Vatsim membership database). Some other that I have forgotten?! The motivation for most of those members that liked to amend the constitution is the idea to involve our pilots in the community more and an natural way would to give also them voting right, if I remember correctly. Personally I share the thought that we should involve our members that are only pilots in some way, but is it by changing the voting right or trying something else: Pilot assistant (pilots@vatsim-scandinavia.org), oversee and update pilot pages, oversee/arrange FIR/vACC unofficial training flight happenings........... Any software community/collaboration tool for our pilots where they can inform of their flight and request ATC coverage https://forum.vatsim-scandinavia.org/topic/156-wish-list-what-functions-do-you-wish-for-on-our-platforms/?do=findComment&comment=553 Something else? Active ATC members In current constitution, voting rights and active ATC members are connected to each other, so this topic concerns only the hurdle regarding "what is required to be active ATC and with that eligible to man ATC position in Vatsim Scandinavia: Amount of hours to remain "active"! More, less or untouched ? Any other hurdle? Visiting controller Current constitution I suggest for discussion and proposal regarding Visiting Controller Suggested amendment 2.2 Something else? Please share your thought/idea as quoted above, executive staff members are not geniuses or supermen . *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** During this process I would like to extract members thoughts about our community and how we should enhance our community and one way is to have an formal guideline (constitution) that shows the general path. As I see there is only the issue regarding membership that are required to amend to have an fully working constitution, the other topics are those that have been mentioned by members earlier. These topics has been discussed since 13:th of September in board. Do note that amendment of the constitution requires 66% in favor for the amendment, so with that requirement "uncertain" suggestions for amendment will most probably not be presented in the final proposal for amendment of constitution. Magnus
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