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  • Welcome to VATSIM Scandinavia!

    Welcome to VATSIM Scandinavia, the home VACC for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden on the VATSIM Network. On these pages you will find information on how to become an air traffic controller or pilot within VATSIM Scandinavia, and you will find all the information you will need to control or fly within our airspace.

    VATSIM Scandinavia is a part of the VATSIM Europe Division, which, together with VATSIM UK and VATSIM Russia, forms the VATSIM Europe Region. Altogether they are a part of the global VATSIM Network which provides ATC services over the internet for free to pilots connected to the network using their Flight Simulator.

    Our website is mainly written in English, but if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask us in any language.

    Welcome to VATSIM Scandinavia, and enjoy your stay in our airspace

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    We have raised enough to cover the costs for the year 2021. Donations are still welcome to cover our costs in the future.

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  • Feedback

    We'd love to hear your feedback when you've been flying in Scandinavia.
    Either it's funny stories, critique or suggestions for improvements.

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  • ATC & Bookings18:45z

    ENSO_I_TWR 17:10z
    EKCH_1_TWR 17:56z
    EKCH_APP 18:00z 20:00z
    EKCH_TWR Training 18:00z 20:00z
    EKDK_CTR Training 18:00z 20:00z
    ESKN_TWR 19:30z 21:30z
    Wednesday 14th April
    ENBR_TWR Training 17:30z 19:30z
    EKCH_GND 18:00z 20:00z
    EKCH_TWR 18:00z 20:00z
    EKDK_CTR 18:00z 20:00z
    Thursday 15th April
    ENBR_TWR Training 16:00z 18:00z
    EFHK_E_TWR 17:00z 20:00z
    BIKF_TWR Training 19:00z 21:00z
    Friday 16th April
    ENBR_TWR Training 17:00z 19:00z
    Saturday 17th April
    EKDK_CTR 15:00z 20:00z
    ESOS_CTR 15:00z 20:00z
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