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  • ATC Bookings

    07 July 2020 (Today)
    ESGG_GND 11:00z 15:00z
    ENBR_TWR 11:30z 13:00z
    ENBR_TWR 16:30z 18:00z
    ENGM_TWR 17:00z 19:00z
    EKCH_TWR 18:00z 20:00z
    ENBR_TWR 18:00z 20:00z
    08 July 2020 (Wednesday)
    ESGG_GND 12:00z 15:00z
    EKCH_APP 18:00z 20:00z
    09 July 2020 (Thursday)
    ESGG_GND 09:00z 13:30z
    EKCH_TWR 18:00z 20:00z
    10 July 2020 (Friday)
    EKCH_TWR 18:00z 20:00z
    13 July 2020 (Monday)
    EKBI_TWR 18:00z 20:00z
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