Denmark on Tuesdays


Vatsim Scandinavia and Denmark invites you to enjoy the Danish airports throughout the country. Experience Scandinavias largest airport, Copenhagen Kastrup, and the smaller regional Danish airports, Billund in the south, Aalborg in the north and Aarhus inbetween!

With our enthuastic controllers we will provide you quality controlling to make sure you leave and arrive in Danish airspace as safe as possible.

See you soon in Danish airspace!



EKCH, Kastrup:
FlyTampa Copenhagen, Kastrup
Scansim Copenhagen, Kastrup
FS9: Scansim Copenhagen, Kastrup

EKBI, Billund:
Azurafiles Billund
Vidan Design Billund (TBR)

EKYT, Aalborg
Freeware Danmark scenery 1.4 including a rendition of Aalborg

Airport charts
Charts for Danish airports

TAS - Training Administration System, now receiving and handling all training requests in VATSIM Scandinavia, more info here!