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  • Visiting Controller

  • To apply to become a visiting controller, please send an email to director@vatsim-scandinavia.org, and include the following information:

    • Full name
    • Vatsim CID
    • VATSIM permanent controller rating
    • Requested FIR
    • Home vACC/ARTCC
    • Contact details of your home vACC Director or Training Director
    • Application text where you motivate your application and your ability to provide good service to pilots after training

    Please send the application from your VATSIM registered email.

    By applying, you confirm that you are in good standing with VATSIM, understand and accept the contents of VATSIM Scandinavia's constitution, and have a permanent controller rating of C1 or higher.

    VATSIM Transfer and Visiting Controller Policy (TVCP) section 1.3 requires visitors to control at least 50 hours at their current rating to consolidate the rating before visiting. Section 1.4 further requires visitors to wait at least 90 days after any rating change or region transfer.

  • Notice

    VATSIM Scandinavia is currently unable to accept any visiting controllers due to lengthy training queues.

    Controllers interested in becoming visiting controllers should wait until this notification has changed.

    Last update: 26/04/2022

  • Current Visiting Controllers

    Alexander 1125898 (C1)
    Sweden with MAE ESSA TWR & MAE ESSA APP

    Angus 1314768 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Anton 1591329 (S2)

    Arvid 1162891 (C3)
    Denmark with MAE EKCH TWR & MAE EKCH APP
    Sweden with MAE ESSA TWR & MAE ESSA APP

    Cathal 1254805 (C3)
    Denmark with MAE EKCH TWR & MAE EKCH APP

    Jannik 1473263 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Liam 1443704 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Mark-Julius 1051954 (C3)

    Nadeem 1155582 (C1)
    Denmark with MAE EKCH TWR & MAE EKCH APP

    Odinn 1278153 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Ryan 1350654 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Sean 1419950 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Sebastian 1240094 (C3)
    Norway with MAE ENGM TWR & MAE ENGM APP
    Sweden with MAE ESSA TWR

    Steffan 1290209 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Teodor 1427633 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    Timo 1501396 (S3)

    Óskar 1344329 (C1)
    Iceland with Oceanic BICC

    See more details
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