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  • Training Documentation - Finland

  • Virtual Air Traffic Controller (vATCO) Training in Finland

    Finland offers 4 types of training to become a VATSIM controller.


    • 3 levels of training (S2, S3 and C1). Intended for students with no experience in controlling and are willing to learn. Note that the S1 level is included in the S2 training.
    • Consists of respective theory exams (S2 training consists of both S1 and S2 exams), theory lessons and practical exercises with a personal mentor. Completed after undergoing the Controller Practical Test (CPT) as per the training program.
    • Completed in either Finnish or English.
    • Apply via the CC -training portal.


    • Intended for members with a background with controlling and already have an inactive controller rating. Contact the training department for more information.


    • Intended for real life controllers and controllers from other networks. Please see the VATSIM Fast-Track policy for more details. Contact the training department for more information.


    • Intended for controllers from other vACCs and highly recommended for controllers from other VATSIM Scandinavia countries. Please note that at the moment we only accept familiarizations for C1 rated controllers. Contact the VATSIM Scandinavia Director for more information.

    For any questions please contact [email protected]

  • Sweatbox scenarios

    For mentors only. Please contact the Training Department [email protected] to access these files.


  • Mentors

    Our mentors are a growing team of experienced Vatsim members who are there to teach new virtual air traffic controllers and guide with other problems. Our team:

    Christian Kovanen (I1)

    Otto Tuhkunen (I1)

    Joonatan Porkkala (C3)

    Jouka Ahponen (C3)

    Ahti Matilainen (C1)

    Aleksi Uusitalo (C1)

    Eemil Helynen (C1)

    Julius Mannermaa (C1)

    Paavo Ojala (C1)

    Simo Pietikäinen (C1)

    Peeka Makinen (C1)

    Richard Weber (S3)

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