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  • Training Documentation - Finland

  • The Finnish training program

    Finland offers four types of training:

    Standard training: Standard training for S2, S3 and C1 levels as per the Vatsim GRP and Vatsim Scandinavia training programs

    Refresh: Refreshing training for inactive controllers to their respective rating.

    Familiarization: Primarily intended for VatSca members who have received their rating from another VatSca country. Secondarily for C1+ rated controllers who have received their training elsewhere. The latter is available only with a special permission from the VatSca Director.

    Fast track: Intended for controllers from real life or other networks to the available level as per the VATEUD Fast Track -program.

    Applying to training is done via the Control Center -system. Please expect a 6-12 month queue. Meanwhile you wait, you can join our Discord and gather experience flying in our airspace!


  • Sweatbox scenarios

    For mentors only. Please contact the Training Department finland@vatsim-scandinavia.org to access these files.


  • Mentors

    Our mentors are a growing team of experienced Vatsim members who are there to teach new virtual air traffic controllers and guide with other problems. Our team:

    Christian Kovanen (I1)

    Aleksi Uusitalo (C1)

    Eemil Helynen (C1)

    Joonatan Porkkala (C1)

    Jouka Ahponen (C1)

    Julius Mannermaa (C1)

    Otto Tuhkunen (C1)

    Paavo Ojala (C1)

    Simo Pietikäinen (C1)

    Ahti Matilainen (S3)

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