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  • Constitution and Regulations

  • In addition to the Constitution, the Board have set these additional regulations:

    • When logging on to any ATC position, you must remain online for at least 30 minutes.
    • If a full member of VATSIM Scandinavia, you can man any position in any of our countries, assuming you have the correct endorsements for those positions.
    • Controllers may only open approved positions as listed in the Approved Frequencies document.
    • All members must, in accordance with the VATSIM Code of Regulations and the Children’s Online Privacy Act, be over the age of 13 to register an account at vatsim-scandinavia.org. VATSIM Scandinavia reserves the right to reject an application to become a member of our vACC if we have reason to believe that the applicant is under the age of 13. The applicant may counter the rejection by providing legal documentation of age.
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