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  • Feedback for our ATC services, or general comments about VATSIM Scandinavia, can be sent to [email protected]

    • All members of the staff will always have someone who can do their job when they are gone, a short CODE will appear after the availability code, which will represent the staff member who can be contacted instead of the person that is away.
    • Staff call signs in bold represent the executive staff, or board.
    • Non-bold call signs represent assistants to the executive staff.
    • Call signs with double digits fall under the responsibility of the executive staff member with the correlating first number.
  • Staff ID Position Name E-mail Availability Code
    ACCSCA1 Director Christian Kovanen [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA2 Training Director Adrian Bjerke [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA3 Director of Copenhagen FIR Lukas Agerskov [email protected] OOO
    ACCSCA4 Director of Norway FIR Krister Larsen [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA5 Director of Sweden FIR Martin Loxbo [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA6 Director of Helsinki FIR Simo Pietikäinen [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA7 Director of Reykjavík CTA Gunnar Gudm [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA8 Special Assistant to the Director Martin Stockzell [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA9 Data Protection Officer Henrik Sønstebø [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA11 Web Services Director Daniel Lange [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA12 Web Development Engineer Gustav Kauman [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA13 Web Services Assistant David Mortensen [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA14 Web Services Assistant Markus Nielsen [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA15 Event Coordinator Joshua Riyawong [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA16 Assistant Event Coordinator [email protected] VAC
    ACCSCA21 Training Assistant Sweden Jimmy Stigsjöö [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA22 Training Assistant Denmark Peter Toft [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA23 Training Assistant Norway Daniel Lange [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA24 Training Assistant Finland Otto Tuhkunen [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA25 Training Assistant Iceland Kieran Riley [email protected] AVL
    ACCSCA26 Deputy Training Assistant Denmark Kristoffer Michelsen [email protected] AVL

    AVL = Available and can be reached on a daily basis
    OOO = Out of Office (longer vacation, 3-6 weeks)
    DEP = Away for more than 2 months
    VAC = Position vacant

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