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  • Welcome to the pilot briefing page of Finland. Here you can find useful information and guiding regarding flying in Finland (EFIN FIR). On the right side of this page, you can find the briefing page for each airport - please read through before conducting a flight. 


    Departing traffic from Finland:

    Instructions for contacting ACC sectors when the GND/TWR/APP controller is offline.

    Regardless of the amount of open sectors, pilots shall use these frequencies to get top-down service.



    EFTU   134.575
    EFMA, EFPO   132.725
    EFSI, EFTP, EFVA   127.100
    EFLP, EFMI, EFUT   136.650
    EFHA, EFJY   132.325
    EFJO, EFKU, EFSA   135.525
    EFKI, EFKK   126.300
    EFKE, EFOU, EFRO   124.200
    EFET, EFIV, EFKT   126.100


    EFHK Pilot Briefing:

    EFHK Pilot Briefing.pdf

    Guides for general and VFR flight in Finland:


    A Short Guide to Flying in Finland.pdf

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