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Stockholm Arlanda Realtime 2016


Aleksander Storma (1145889)
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It is time for an exciting event that was anticipated for a long time, the Stockholm Arlanda Realtime 2016!

On Sunday 8th May, Stockholm-Arlanda will be fully staffed for five hours by VATSIM Scandinavia best air traffic controllers. We want you to be a part of this intense and "as real as it gets" event with a lot of traffic based on real world scheduled. Book your flights as soon as possible to make sure you get hold of your favorite route.

Please keep in mind that all times are off-block times, which means the times at which you should leave the gate from your departure airport.

Before the event please take time to read the pilot briefing to make sure you are familiar with local procedures. Also be prepared with charts, especially the standard taxi routing chart.

Airport Briefing Charts | Bookings


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