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Martin Tornberg (1069087)
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The controllers in Vatsim-Scandinavia and Sweden would like to welcome all pilots for something different the coming Thursdays. We will take the focus from Stockholm-Arlanda and invite you to our regional airports throughout Sweden. 

This time we will staff Sundsvall (ESNN) and Malmö-Sturup (ESMS)

Sundsvall airport is served by SAS, Sundsvallsflyg and Nextjet and is located at the beautiful world heritage “Höga kusten”. In addition there is also charter flights running to and from the airport. If the weather is nice you can also fly your favorite GA-aircraft and explore the surroundings.

Malmö-airport or Sturup by the locals is one of the busier airport in Sweden and there are a numerous of different airlines operating from it. Norwegian, BRA, SAS, Wizz Air to mention a few. For those who doesn’t fancy screaming passengers you can always fly some of the cargo haulers as well, example UPS or Amapola. 

As always, please have a look on the charts and briefings available for free. We hope to see you on Thursday 29 September. 

Charts | Briefing and scenery


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