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It's time for some long-awaited checkout hype in Finland! On Thursday the 24th of May 2018 at 17-20z (20-23 local time) Mikael Harju will have his chance on Helsinki Tower (EFHK) to prove he's got what it takes to become a fully qualified Tower controller and earn his S2 controller rating. As always, we need your help to get there. All movements, IFR or VFR, are very much welcome to fly in or out of Helsinki to give the candidate traffic to work with and to ensure crowded skies and busy frequencies under the Finnish summer dusk. The sun won't set until after 19z, so why not do some relaxing VFR hops with your favourite GA aircraft in the Helsinki area? And naturally, if you're after the heavy metal, there will be excellent ATC coverage in Helsinki and throughout Finland thanks to the weekly Helsinki in Sight event. We'll get you on your way to wherever around the world your destination may be, or welcome you into Helsinki for a smooth arrival, all the while helping Mikael earn his rating.

See you on the 24th!


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