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Scandinavia Regional Series (EKBI)


Martin Tornberg (1069087)
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It's time for something called VATSIM-Scandinavia Regional Series. As the name suggest this is a series of events where we want to focus on the regional airports around VATSIM-Scandinavia. During five weekends we will be visiting one regional airport in each country. So the following Sunday evenings you will have an excellent chance to explore the different regional airports around northern Europe. For the complete schedule of the event series, please have a look on the banner itself.

5 May, 16-20z we continue our regional series by visiting Denmark and town of Billund and its surroundings including the world famous Legoland. Enjoy the excellent controllers in Danish airspace on Sunday 5 May, we hope to see you there. Please remember to bring your charts with you to make it more smooth.

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