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Visby (ESSV) Fly-In


Martin Tornberg (1069087)
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On Sunday 7 July from 16-20z we would like to welcome you to fly into the beautiful town of Visby located on the equally stunning island of Gotland. Starting at 30 June and ending on Sunday 7 July there is an event in Visby called "Almedalsveckan", which is a huge event and gathering where business people, politicians, organizations and general public meet up to discuss and debate about interesting issues and topics. 

Even if you aren't interested in politics, there is a lot of things to do anyway. You can explore the island of Gotland and see what it has to offer, or you can just go to the city center of Visby enjoying the nice restaurants and bars during the evening. Or if you are more into aviation, why not rent a Cessna from any of the local flying clubs which is spread out in middle and southern Sweden. It's a really good excursion to cross the Baltic Sea to Gotland in a single enginge piston aircraft.

If you fancy something faster that carries more passenger, why not help out with the "Air Bridge" that is set-up during the whole week between Stockholm-Arlanda and Visby. There is a huge increase of traffic movements to get all the visitors to and from the island for "Almedalsveckan".

In order to seperate departures and arrivals to and from Visby airport, which normally doesn't handle that much traffic, we will follow the route procedure (AIP Supplement) that is in effect in real life.

Please use the following routes when flying between ESSA and ESSV.



Charts | AIP Supplement



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