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Keflavik Overload


Martin Tornberg (1069087)
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On Sunday 20 September between 16-20z, you will have the chance to experience a fully staffed BIKF including excellent enroute coverage. VATSIM-Scandinavia hope that you will join in for a fun evening of flying in to Iceland's major airport.

The choices are plenty when it comes to what kind of flying you can do. Take your favorite GA aircraft and explore the dramatic landscapes or do a shuttle to and from mainland Europe. Or why not fly an Icelandair B752 from Keflavik to the US?

Either what you choose from, we hope that you will enjoy this event on Sunday 20 September. 

Since Iceland is within Oceanic airspace and if you haven't flown into Iceland before, we highly recommend to visit the pilot briefing page to get yourself familiar with the procedures.

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