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Sweden Cargo Fly-In


Martin Tornberg (1069087)
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On Sunday 18 October at 16z, it is time to do some cargo ops. The Swedish controllers will be staffing Landvetter (ESGG), Sturup (ESMS) and Örebro (ESOE) and possibly other airports on an ad Hoc basis.

Take this opportunity to explore the different regional airports that Sweden has to offer and some different kind of flying. If you don't have a clue what to fly, you can visit our dedicated booking page for this event where you can book a certain flight that you fancy.

The flights found on the booking page is taken from a day in the past and should give you a somewhat accurate flight if you want to. In order to make it more simple, we have removed the departure and arrival times. This will give you additional freedom to choose what to do.

Please make sure to bring along your charts and feel free to visit the Swedish briefing page for more information.

We hope that you will join in for some fun cargo ops flying on Sunday 18 october!

Charts and Briefing | Optional Bookings


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