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Lapland VFR Afternoon


Joonatan Porkkala (1244751)
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It's time to park your heavy jets and hop in to your favourite GA aircraft for a breathtakingly amazing VFR tour of Finnish Lapland!

On the 9th of January at 11-15z, head up North to Finnish Lapland to discover the beauty of VFR, snowy landscapes and brisk temperatures as three Lapland Airports will be staffed for your GA flying pleasure. In addition to Enontekio (EFET), Ivalo (EFIV) and Kittila (EFKT) being staffed, there are several beautiful uncontrolled aerodromes waiting to be discovered. Roam the area at your own leisure and at your own pace - the event is long enough to give ample time to visit all of the three event airports as well as uncontrolled aerodromes along the way.

Especially if flying VFR for the first time, it's a very good idea to get to grips with the basics of VFR procedures and phraseology in Finland and to have necessary charts on board. These can be found at the links below. Controllers expect you to have studied these and will give clearances and instructions accordingly.

Please note that this event is primarily aimed at slower GA VFR traffic. If you wish to fly IFR or transport category aircraft during the event, Rovaniemi (EFRO) is located just south of the event area.

Please use these resources to brief yourself before the flight:

Guide to VFR flying in Finland

Aviamaps interactive chart useful for enroute VFR usage

Finland AIP, aerodrome and visual approach charts

Aviation weather for Finland

Enontekio (EFET) is a flight information service (AFIS) aerodrome, you can brief yourself with this phraseology package


Enjoy your flight in Lapland!


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