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Hit The Ski Slopes


Krister Larsen (1340812)
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Pack your skis, snowboards and winter clothes and fly to Lapland and hit the ski slopes of the north for one more time this winter!
On Saturday the 27th of March at 16-22z, three Lapland Airports in addition to Helsinki (EFHK) and area control for all of Finland will be staffed for your winter adventures. Fly to Ivalo (EFIV), Kittila (EFKT) and Rovaniemi (EFRO) and discover the breathtaking views and slopes from the bunny hill to the black diamond. Thanks to the ample time frame of the event, you can visit all of the four airports at your own pace, fly turnarounds from Helsinki or fly in and out with holidaymakers from further abroad. Seize this final opportunity before spring starts rolling in to the northern heights.
Welcome to discover Lapland!


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