Mikkel Johnsen new Director Copenhagen FIR


It gives me great pleasure to welcome Mikkel Johnsen as the new Director Copenhagen FIR.

Join me in welcoming him on our forum!

Mikkel´s application for the position was the only one that was received during the application process.  And with an unanimous board voting yes for his application, there will be no referendum regarding the appointment.

Mikkel Johnsen will take over Kenneth Hald´s duties as Director Copenhagen FIR with immediate effect!

With this I also like to thank Kenneth Hald for his services as Director Copenhagen FIR and wish him al the best.

Magnus Gustafsson


Cross the Pond 2015. Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) is on the list for arrival airports!


Cross the Pond 2015! Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) is included in the list for arrival airports!

This is the biggest event during the year and now we have the opportunity to vote for Stockholm Arlanda to be one of the arrival airports on the eastbound leg!

Go over to http://ctp.vatsim-uk.co.uk/ and vote for the possibility that Vatsim Scandinavia can participate in the biggest event for the year.

Voting closes on September 4th 2359z.

Vatsim Scandinavia starting to use Vatsim SSO on website and shortly on forum. We are also moving to new server


Vatsim SSO and Vatsim Scandinavia

As from today, members are required to use Vatsim SSO to see al content in our website. General content and information to pilots will be provided without signing in with SSO.

New forum is under final development, witch will also use Vatsim SSO to verify users credentials.

What is Vatsim SSO

User credentials are provided by Vatsim via SSO(Single Sign On). That will enhance user experience in an safe way, as via Vatsim SSO user verifies his/hers credentials in an efficient way. This will save resources for IT Administrator as relying on Vatsim SSO to handle credentials.

New server/new forum

Vatsim Scandinavia is fortuned enough to be able to utilise donated server and we are in final stages of migrating al our content to that server. As previously informed, there are an urgent need to start up new forum, as the old forum are hampered by security issues.

So do remember to sign in on our website with Vatsim SSO to see al available content and shortly that will be needed also on the new forum

VATSIM Scandinavia Director Election 2015-2017


Welcome to the VATSIM Scandinavia Director Election 2015-2017. Tonight the voting starts and we have two applications who wants to become the Director, which is good.

The voting system can be found on http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/vote.
The voting will open 06.04.2015 00:00 UTC. The voting will close 12.04.2015 23:59 UTC.

All you need to vote is your VATSIM ID (CID), and your VATSIM REGISTERED EMAIL!

You are only allowed to vote once on either applicant one, two or send in a blank vote.

Vote for your new Director!

VACANT Board Position – Director of Finland FIR


Hello ladies and gentlemen.

Magnus has decided to step down as FIR Director for Finland and with that, we accept applications to fill the position as soon as possible.
On behalf of the Board and the members, we want to thank Magnus Gustafsson for his hard work and excellent job done with the Finnish members of VATSIM Scandinavia. Magnus will not depart us completely, he will still remain as a mentor/active ATC within Finland.


I will accept applications for Director of Finland FIR up until the 31st of December, at 12:00 UTC.


Send your application to accsca1@vatsim-scandianvia.org with the title – Application for Director of Finland FIR


And with that, happy holidays :)

Stockholm Arlanda Realtime 2014


30th November 12-21z VATSIM Scandinavia would finally like to welcome all pilots for another edition of Stockholm Real Time event. This time we have also included Stockholm-Bromma (ESSB) and Västerås-Hässlö (ESOW) which together with Stockholm-Arlanda is situated in Stockholm TMA. With over 500 flights during 9 hours there is a flight for every taste.

ESSA: With around 20 millions passengers flying on a yearly basis it sure is one of the main airports within the Nordic countries which connects Stockholm and Sweden with Europe and the rest of the world. Beside the main carriers SAS and Norwegian a numerous airlines are operating in and out from Stockholm-Arlanda.

ESSB: Bromma is around 7 km from downtown Stockholm and is the airport closest to the city. As Sweden’s fifth busiest airport you will find a lot of domestic flights that will connect the capital with the rest of Sweden with the main operator Malmö Aviation.

ESOW: Västerås-Hässlö is one of the destinations for the low cost carrier Ryanair which operates to Stansted most of the weekdays and additionally to Malaga and Alicante. Apart from Ryanair operating the airport is the home for several flying schools and also a flight museum. So if you want to do some flight training in your favorite GA this is the spot for it. From time to time you can see TNT among other cargo operators operate out from Västerås.

To make sure you will truly enjoy this event it’s highly recommended that you to visit the pilot briefing to familiarise with the airports and the procedures.

Welcome to Stockholm TMA on Sunday 30th November!




Helsinki Realtime Event


4th of October between 13-20z Finland will light up the scopes for the long awaited real time event at Helsinki-Vantaa airport! Choose from more than 170 flights during the timeframe and expect a lot of ATC coverage throughout, this will be an event that you don’t want to miss out. Apart from the dozens of Finnair flights you can book you favorite destination either in Europe or further away, we bet that you will find one that suits you!

To make your visit in Helsinki as pleasant as possible we HIGHLY recommend you to read the pilot briefing and also have the appropriate charts close at hand.

For briefing, charts and scenery visit: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/?page_id=1204

Bookings will shortly be made available!!

New Director of Denmark FIR


I’m pleased to welcome Kenneth Hald as our new FIR Director of Denmark. (ACCSCA3)

Kenneth has been the FIR DIR for Denmark before so we welcome him back to represent the danish FIR within our community.

Please give Kenneth some time to settle in his new position, and give him a warm welcome here.

New Chief of Training Norway


Mr. Sebastian Rekdal has taken over the position as Chief of Training Norway effective the 6th of August. Join us in welcoming him to his new position!