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  • Competitions
    Every year we have a lot of competitions. CPH Live 2020 it is no different! With help from some of the most talented developers we are proud to announce this years competitions, giving YOU the extra motivation to spend the day with us. A huge thanks goes out to the four companies, who this year again showed their devotion to the community by donating prizes.

  • All competitions are based on different conditions, you must meet to qualify. on top of that you MUST sign up for the competitions.

    Sign up via Facebook here          or          Sign up via Google Forms here

  • 328343902_Orbxlogosmall.png.10f523454a0647a6eebbbc37825c92aa.png

    Morning Rush

    No sleep for the wicked! Join the morning rush from 06z-08z for the chance to win

    the one of the new ORBX bundles! Get out of bed early and join us! 


    You should depart OR arrive in EKCH between 06z-08z to qualify


          Sign up here                                        Get info from ORBX here


  • 115103808_Orbxlogosmall.png.547c270d5b3d80847cba6edd015611e2.png

    Afternoon Turnaround

    Fly to Copenhagen, work together with your ground crew, and get out of there again in the afternoon! You have only one hour to turnaround

    Fly into EKCH, do a turnaround, and fly back out again with the same airline, within one hour to win a copy of the new ORBX bundle! 


    You should arrive in EKCH between 10z-12 and depart again within an hour to win


          Sign up here                                       Get info from ORBX here     

  • 59385629_fs2crewlogo.png.1376ea0040eeb3d789d37a73d6775959.png

    Domestic Madness! 

    short on time? or just craving many landings? Complete a domestic two sector flight!

    Fly from EKCH to any danish airfield (EKxx) and back to be in the run for an FS2CREW pack of own choice!

    You should fly two legs domestic. One leg out of EKCH and one leg in


      Sign up here                                       Get info from FS2CREW here         

  • 1058021144_Aerosoftlogo.png.9a710c0b4bd2d91097c7b0c619ca3c8b.png

    The 6 sector challenge! 

    Got the whole day set aside? Complete 6 sectors during the event. All of the sectors must depart or arrive in EKCH

    Complete all 6 sectors between 06-22z to win the Aerosoft A330 package


    To qualify you should complete 6 legs during 06-22z, every one either IN our OUT of EKCH.


    Sign up here                                        Get info from Aerosoft here         


  • 113346664_Vidanlogo.png.6f18f6ae5833dda5211b5296890849ea.png

    Hub in!

    difficult to get up at 06z? Plan you flight to arrive between 08z-10z, so you can get out again within an hour

    take your SAS from the regionals, or your Virtual Airline from your hub, to visit us. Win a scenery of own choice from VIDAN DESIGN

    You should ARRIVE in EKCH 08z-10z


            Sign up here                               Get info from Vidan design here         

  • 1287197768_Orbxlogosmall.png.594fc5e1ef4e1cf21e2b881bd5f323b1.png

    Back before curfew

    A long day is coming to an end, and it is time to return home to Copenhagen. plan your touchdown between 20-22z

    Arrive into Copenhagen between 20z-22z for a chance to win the new Orbx bundle!  


    You should arrive back in EKCH between 20z-22z to qualify


    Sign up here                                        Get info from ORBX here      

     Orbx - Bundles giveaway.docx

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