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Arvidsjaur Fly-In


Martin Tornberg (1069087)
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This time VATSIM-Scandinavia and the Swedish controllers are inviting you to something slightly different. This time we are welcoming you to north of Sweden on Monday 18 January and Friday 22 January between 15-19z, to the airport of Arvidsjaur (ESNX).

Arvidsjaur is located in the province of Lapland in the north of Sweden far away from vibrant big cities and is ideal for outdoor activities. Why not explore the area in your favorite GA-aircraft? Or practice your skill in the traffic pattern.

If you don't fancy eploring the area with small piston aircraft you might as well fly into Arvidsjaur from abroad? During the winter season the area around Arvidsjaur is the home for the car industry's winter testing programme. There are several flights operating from airports like EDDV, EDDS, EDVE and EDFH bringing in the people who work in the test industry.

We hope that you will join us on either Monday 18 January and/or Friday 22 January to visit north of Sweden for a fun afternoon and early evening flying.

For briefing, scenery and charts please visit our dedicated page for the airport.

Briefing, charts and scenery

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