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Deputy Training Assistant Norway

Arvid Hansson (1162891)

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Arvid Hansson (1162891)

Hi All,

I'm happy to announce that Mathias Johnsen will be joining the Training Department as the Deputy Training Assistant Norway. This position is similar to what the TA ENGM role used to be, but Mathias will be helping Håvard manage training throughout Norway.

Mathias is currently a web services administrator, and having held several staff positions (including Director) in the past he should be a familiar face to most of the community. Training in Norway is already running at an incredible pace and I have no doubts efficiency will increase even further with Mathias joining the team!

The [email protected] e-mail alias is shared between Håvard and Mathias and all enquiries regarding training in Norway shall continue to be sent to that address.

Thanks for stepping up, Mathias! :) 

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