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Handover and updated Privacy Policy

Daniel Lange (1352906)

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Daniel Lange (1352906)

Hello there, just another update from the Web department!

We've now finalised the new version of Handover - our centralised login service. This one uses OAuth2, which is the same authentication technology as Google uses when you click "Sign in with Google". Each service which want to integrate and pull VATSIM membership data through VATSCA, will need your explicit permission. Handover is designed to not be intruding, so it'll always redirect you back to the original service you came from. However, you may also at any time login to Handover itself here: https://handover.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ This is where you can see which services you've authenticated, and also given the ability to withdraw the permission. It's probably easier for you to check it to understand. Try logging out of the forums, and logging back in. You'll then be presented with the new Handover. 

For starters the new Handover is only available on forums, but all new services used by us will use this to login, so you'll probably notice it more in the future. TAS will still run the legacy version of Handover, as we're not maintaining TAS anymore - this means that you might need to accept the privacy policy twice, and TAS won't show in the new Handover website.

The work of Handover has unfortunately drawn some time away from SANTA, but we had to prioritise the development of Handover to ensure a more modern and robust login infrastructure which will be used in SANTA and other services onwards, not to forget the GDPR requirements. However we earn a lot of time now, as the OAuth2 technology will allow us to very easily integrate with all new services without writing a custom plugin for each one, as it's a standardised protocol. A special shoutout to VATUK who has some open source code which helped us a lot in this update!

With this release, our Data Protection Officer has also released a new updated version of the Data Protection Policy, which can be found here: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Data-Protection-Policy-ACCSCA.pdf This update requires you all to accept new policy when logging into Handover.

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