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Ground Plugin - Flightplan list color issue

Adrian Bjerke (1339353)

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Adrian Bjerke (1339353)


We have had issues in Norway where some of our controllers gets their flightplan-text (in the flightplan list) in a dark redish color when not assumed and black when assumed, when we have configured EuroScope to have this as white.

Like this for example when not assumed:


We have found out that this might be caused by the groundplugin, since if you save last used .asr file as the groundradar one and then startup euroscope again (which makes the groundradar come up as default), this will for some reason overwrite what we have defined euroscope to use, however this is solved by just switching to another .asr file and switching back.

Any clues if this is us not having configured something right, the groundplugin's fault or intentional?

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Juha Holopainen
On 31/08/2020 at 22:34, Adrian Bjerke said:

Any clues if this is us not having configured something right, the groundplugin's fault or intentional?

Based on some research, the answers to these questions are:

  • You have configured it right
  • It is not Ground Radar plugin's fault
  • It is not intentional

That doesn't help much, does it? 😄

The cause is that those colors have brightness settings in TopSky, and while the base colors are updated from the settings file, the brightness adjustment doesn't get done when the "NoDraw" flag is set in the ASR file. The "brightness-adjusted" colors are actually color values of their own in the code that just get set when the brightness is adjusted, so what you're seeing are the plugin's default colors until the brightness adjustment code is called (by opening an ASR that doesn't have the "NoDraw" flag).

I'll put that into the list of things to be fixed. For the time being, it is necessary to open an ASR without the "NoDraw" flag to get the colors updated.

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