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Control Center (beta) is now open!

Daniel Lange (1352906)

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Daniel Lange (1352906)

We can now gladly announce that the successor of TAS, Control Center (CC) is now open for everyone!
You can access it here: https://cc.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ or you also find a link in our menus on the top of forums under "Training Department".

Converting all data from TAS to CC haven't been a easy task, but we believe it's been transferred correctly in almost all cases. It's important that you as a student visit the new system and double-check that all your ratings, reports, attachments and so on is correct. Please report to [email protected] within 4th October if something is missing, so we can restore the missing parts. We can't guarantee a restore after this date.

If you find critical bugs, security flaws or similar please report it ASAP as a issue here: [email protected]
If you find design flaws, minors bugs or just have some feedback that's not urgent, please use the "Feedback" button you have on your right side when being inside Control Center or to our issue section on forums. The feedback button is anonymous so we won't be able to reply you.

Just a small reminder, since this is a beta, please expect bugs, unfinished pages and unannounced maintenance as we work to make it as stable as possible. All the fancy new functionalities will come after 1.0 release, as our first focus is to replace TAS.

This is a huge milestone for the modernisation of Vatsim Scandinavia, now enjoy!

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