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Bug Areas Definition (TopSkyAreas.txt)

Alexander Arlow

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Alexander Arlow

Hi Juha,

when defining an area in TopSkyAreas.txt (without Categorydef), I should, from my understanding be able, to color them differently by defining them with

AREA:<number corresponding to an Active_Map_Type_X>[<F if filled>]:<Name>

So for example:
AREA:1:TEST should give me a TSA with a border color corresponding to Active_Map_Type_1 and no filling, whereas
AREA:3F:TEST should give me a TSA with a border color corresponding to Acitve_Map_Type_3 and with filling.

Currently, the file behaves as follows:
Any number without F gives me a non-filled area corresponding to Color_Active_Map_Type_1 and any number with an F returns an area that is filled with border color of Color_Active_Map_Type_4 (at least it looks like it).

Version is 2.3.1b2

kind regards,


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Juha Holopainen

That sounds like the area drawing code has trouble figuring out what color to use for the borders, in which case it falls back on Color_Active_Map for unfilled and Color_Active_RD_Map for filled areas. Whatever is causing that should be easy enough to fix.

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