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MAESTRO plugin 1.0

Juha Holopainen

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Juha Holopainen


The MAESTRO plugin is a simplified arrival manager plugin. Please refer to the included manual on what it can and can't do in terms of calculating and maintaining an arrival sequence.

Download link

https://vats.im/MAESTROplugin (link to OneDrive folder containing the latest version)

Package contents

The package contains the plugin dll, the operator manual, and a Developer folder containing developer-specific stuff. The example settings file included in earlier beta versions is no longer provided to avoid having possibly outdated data in the package.


To create a new setup, refer to the developer documentation.

To update an existing setup, overwrite the old files with the new ones.

Do not put a file named "MAESTRO_data.txt" in the same folder with the plugin dll. The plugin will overwrite it without warning to store its own data! Any data loss as a result of not complying with this simple rule is the responsibility of the user.

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