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[VACANT POSITION] Data Protection Officer - ACCSCA9

Martin Stockzell (1294494)

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Martin Stockzell (1294494)

Since our current DPO is now elected Director - VATSIM Scandinavia is looking for his replacement.

Working description as per our constitution as follows:


5.5.4 Data Protection Officer

  • Is an independent auxiliary department (assistant) appointed by the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia.
  • Can't be current Director, Training Director or any member within the Web Services.
  • Should work and make decisions independently without any outside influence.
  • Oversees processing of data.
  • Makes suggestions to improve data handling
  • Advises and gives consent to Data Handling Policies
  • Handles any issues or requests by members regarding Data Protection and Handling
  • Handles any other tasks required by law.

If you feel like this is something you are interested in, have been a member for at least a month and hold a minimum of S3 rating, please submit your application to [email protected]

Since this is a staff position that cannot be vacant, the application period is until further notice. 
However since the transition between Directors are one month - sooner rather then later is appreciated :)

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