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[VACANT POSITION] Director of Reykjavík CTA - ACCSCA7

Christian Kovanen

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Christian Kovanen

VATSIM Scandinavia is looking for a new Director for Reykjavík CTA. Duties according to the constitution are:

  • Work closely with the other FIR Directors, and report directly to the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia.
  • Oversee and develop rules and regulations to facilitate the online experience for each respective country.
  • Monitor and update ATC procedures to improve the virtual online environment for the respective country.
  • Appoint members to aid in creating files such as charts, PDF-files, sector files etc.
  • Work closely with the Training Director in order to create a suitable online training environment for new, and existing, VATSIM Scandinavia members.
  • Work closely with the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia and, if necessary, assist them in their duties.
  • If the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia is on leave, continue their work until the Director returns.
  • If the Director of VATSIM Scandinavia is removed, resigns or they becomes unexpectedly and permanently absent, form a temporary board until a new Director has been elected.

Minimum requirements:

  • VATSIM Permanent Controller rating of 'Senior Student' [S3]
  • Member of VATSIM Scandinavia for at least one month.

Applications should be e-mailed to election@vatsim-scandinavia.org no later than 19 JUL 2021 23:59z. Late applications cannot be considered.

Applications should include

  • Name
  • VATSIM Permanent Controller Rating
  • Short description of you and the motivation text for the application.

Questions about the position can be sent to director@vatsim-scandinavia.org

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