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Feature request: ATIS in PDC/DCL

Jannik Vogel (1432304)

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Jannik Vogel (1432304)

Hey Juha,

would it be possible to add a data field in the PDC/DCL syntax which states the current ATIS designator? In RL Germany the DCL includes the current ATIS desginator, as well.

Many thanks!


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Juha Holopainen

There will be no automatically filled ATIS field as the plugin has no idea what the current ATIS designator is (not even for the same EuroScope instance, let alone for an airport for which some other controller is providing the ATIS). A field with a manually entered value perhaps, but you can do that even now with the general purpose <rmk> field.

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Ricardo Sousa (1110850)
10 hours ago, Adrian Bjerke said:

Yet every FIR has their ATIS formats which varies alot, some even have ATIS formats that depends from airport to airport. This would be difficult to implement.

No, the datafeed has a field for atis literally called 'atis_code'. That's all the plugin needs to access, there's no need to get into the actual textual part of it.

cid	1554923
name	"JP"
callsign	"RPVM_ATIS"
frequency	"126.600"
facility	4
rating	2
server	"SINGAPORE"
visual_range	50
atis_code	"B"
text_atis	[…]
last_updated	"2021-11-25T13:32:16.8097461Z"
logon_time	"2021-11-25T13:21:05.742636Z"


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