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Possibility to add [AIRPORT INFO] window?

Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

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Lukas Agerskov (1226374)

With the introduction of vATIS getting Euroscope to set the correct one, has proven tricky for several controllers. So I was thinking of.

On the GR scopes (At least at EKCH) they have a window for Airport Info. It shows Departure ATIS, Arrival ATIS separately (which ES doesn't) as well as QNH, and I would imagine wind could be included as well.

Concerning the wind, I don't know, since they have separate wind meassure screens, but if it could be added, it would completely erase the need for the default Euroscope one.

I have a few pictures of it, even though they are not very good, but could it be possible? 

DISCLAIMER: I have not tried these things myself, so while we can get the info I may have to refer to more knowledgeable people about this. Just thought it could be a cool feature


The new layout, showing only a MET button to press, the info, and other info I am not quite sure of




An older layout showing it indeed is possible to add different options I would guess. If wind could be one of those, it could be quite interesting


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Juha Holopainen

The next release most likely adds windows that display the wind and QNH (the latter as an alternative to the QNH being displayed in the top menu bar as it is now). The ATIS information will not be available unless a centralized solution becomes available - every plugin having to download the whole VATSIM data file just to get a small subset of the information (a single ATIS letter in this case) doesn't make any sense. The best option would be for EuroScope to download the data and make it available for the plugins to use.

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Matisse VanWezer (1385143)
On 02/02/2023 at 13:42, Juha Holopainen said:

The best option would be for EuroScope to download the data and make it available for the plugins to use.

Unfortunately, as I'm sure you are well aware, that's quite a hefty thing to ask for. /s

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