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[5 Feb | 23-04Z] FNO: Operation Iceland (6 Feb 0000-0500 CET)

Aleksander Storma (1145889)

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Aleksander Storma (1145889)


It's time for a little change, or should we say a bigger one ? This time the Friday Night Ops will be held in Iceland, yeah that's right- suit up for the weather that you rarely experience elsewhere. If you're looking for low ceiling, slippery runways, gusty winds or a need for de-icing we have it here at Keflavik airport (BIKF). Are you up for the challenge ?

For local briefing and scenery visit the pilot briefing page.

See you there !

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Just over one week to go until FNO: Operation Iceland! I've been making rolling updates at vatsim.net if anyone wants some flight ideas: 


Posting this bit here too for the Scandinavian pilots: Because we are controlling at midnight Icelandic time, our ATC team will be extremely tired by the end of the event. That means we will be logging off 04:00z sharp, and there may be a reduced service as we approach 04:00z. There will of course be very limited ATC in Europe at the start time of the event. Therefore, I highly recommend that pilots plan their flights as follows to maximise ATC coverage:

I want to experience...

- Europe >>> Depart a European airport before 23:00z and arrive in Keflavik (BIKF), Iceland within 3-5 hours flight time.
- North America >>> Depart Keflavík (BIKF), Iceland, after 23:00z and arrive in North America within 5-9 hours flight time.
- Asia/Africa/South America >>> Depart Keflavík (BIKF), Iceland, after 23:00z and bring a big plane with a lot of fuel!
- Iceland >>> Depart or arrive at Reykjavik (BIRK) between 23:00z and 04:00z, all domestic flights are ~1 hour flight time. 
- Faroe Islands >>> Depart or arrive at Reykjavik (BIRK) between 23:00z and 04:00z, flight time is 1.5-2 hours.
- Greenland >>> Depart or arrive at Reykjavik (BIRK) between 23:00z and 04:00z, flight time is 2-4 hours. If you want to fly a heavy aircraft, you can depart Keflavik (BIKF) for Kangerlussuaq (BGSF) or Narsarsuaq (BGBW). 

Please remember that BIRD_CTR covers all of Iceland and the Faroe Islands top down, including providing an AFIS service at uncontrolled airports (i.e. you need to request startup and IFR clearance if relevant). It also provides oceanic clearances for departures in Central Greenland, prior to engine startup. 

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This is tomorrow night!

The event kicks off at 23:00z and lasts for five hours. Here are the start times across the world:

5th February
Iceland - 2300
United Kingdom - 2300
USA East Coast - 1800
USA Central - 1700
USA West Coast - 1500
USA Hawaii - 1300

6th February
Oslo, Stockholm, Paris - midnight
Moscow, Dubai - 0300
Singapore, Beijing, Perth - 0700
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - 1000

Thanks @Hans Olav Roaldstveit and @Håvard Halvorsen for the Norwegian support before the event, appreciate it :) Would be great to see some Icelandic ATC as well in the 'normal' evening times to help drum up traffic. 

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Well thank you all for a wonderful event! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did on the other side of the radio.

Between 2200z and 0500z...
Keflavik International >> 48 recorded movements, about 5-7 more were not recorded due to logging off early. 
Reykjavik Domestic >> 4 movements
Akureyri >> 1 movement
Vágar >> 6 movements
Kangerlussuaq >> 1 movement
Narsarsuaq >> 2 movements
Kulusuk >> 1 movement

Keflavik was the busiest airport in the world for most of the event. A big thank you goes out to our neighbouring sectors Shanwick Radio (covering Gander), Eurocontrol North and Edmonton Centre, as well as domestic ATC on both sides of the Atlantic. Thanks also to VATUSA for letting us host the FNO.

Now don't make this your only trip to Iceland! We'd love to see you again, catch us online from our ATC bookings and at one of our regular events (usually weekends 18-21z). Our next one is on 20th Feb at Kangerlussuaq & Nuuk in Greenland.

Good night!

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