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    Norway Live 2023

  • 📍 Pilot Flight Academy, Hangarveien 11, 3241 Sandefjord

    🗓️ 21-23 April

    💶 Free

  • ℹ️ Welcome to the first post-pandemic "LAN" gathering for ATC & Pilots at Pilot Flight Academy right next door of Sandefjord Airport Torp! This event is for both of you who want to control and fly. The venue and event is alcohol free and people under 18 are also welcome to join us with written permission from their guardians.

    🗓️ Preliminary Agenda
    You may arrive at the venue on Friday or Saturday. The venue is open 24/7.

    🚗 Parking is included and available at the academy campus.

    🖥️ Bring your own computer and setup with you. We'll provide both ethernet and wireless internet connections.

    🛌 It's not allowed to sleep on the venue. The participant will need to find and pay for their own accommodation outside the venue. We'll however try to collect everyone who is interested in a hotel, to see if we can get a good price.


  • Hosted by


    A non-profit who hosts Norway Live events for VATSIM members

  • Sponsored by


    Thank you to the Pilot Flight Academy for sponsoring the location

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