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  • EFKU - Kuopio

  • Facts

    Kuopio Airport is an airport located in the town of Siilinjärvi, Finland, some 7.6 nautical miles north of the city of Kuopio. The airport belongs to the network of 21 airports operated by Finavia, the Finnish airport operator. Measured by the number of passengers, it’s the fifth largest airport in Finland. Completed in 1939, the airport is also the home for Karelian Air Command of the Finnish Air Force.


    ATC Frequencies

    VATSIM name Callsign Frequency Remarks Languages
    EFKU_ATIS   133.700    EN
    EFKU_TWR  Kuopio Tower 120.150  Main frequency  FI/EN
    EFKU_APP  Kuopio Radar 130.600    FI/EN
    EFKU_R_APP  Kuopio Arrival 122.850  Final approach  FI/EN
    EFIN_N_CTR  Helsinki Control 135.525  Local ACC-sector  EN
    EFIN_D_CTR  Helsinki Control 121.300  Covering all ACC sectors if local is offline  EN

    Note: EFIN also provides ATS in Finnish below FL95.


    Flight procedures

    Please plan you flight (departure or arrival) via these waypoints:






    Runway 15 is only capable of RNP and VOR/DME approaches. Runway 33 has ILS with CAT I capability. RNP and VOR/DME approaches are also available for runway 33. Visual approaches can be executed when allowed by weather and traffic conditions. Runway 15/33 is 2800 meters long and 60 meters wide. Radio navigation:
    VEH – Vehkaa VOR (113.000)
    KU – ILS LLZ 33 (110.300)

    Kuopio has its own radar and all IFR traffic is controlled by radar.


    Radio operations

    For clearance, contact Kuopio Tower on 120.150 when TWR is online or to another ATS-station listed above when TWR is offline. VFR aircraft should inform their intensions for flight when requesting taxi. Start-up clearance is not required for piston engined aircraft.

    Visual approach can be requested by phraseology: ready for visual or request visual approach.

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