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  • EKAH – Aarhus Airport


  • Background information

    Aarhus airport is a small regional airport serving the second largest city of Denmark, Aarhus. Located around a forrest on "Djurs" this small airports are serviced by domestic and international airlines alike. It has a history as military's airfields which was converted to civil traffic, as a result of this the entire southern part of the airport is owned and operated by the military of Denmark

  • Frequent visitors to EKAH

    • Scandinavian Airlines
    • Jettime
    • Ryanair
    • Easyjet
    • Wizzair
    • Thomas Cook
    • Sunclass
    • TUI fly Nordic
  • Operational Information

    >>Make sure to read the “Pilot Info” found on page 2 of the Charts in the Charts section<<



    Remember EKDK_CTR still controls Aalborg if local ATC is offline


    Begin you flight at:



    For you departure expect clearance like this: 

    “Cleared to Destination via [Point]/[Flightplan route], FL60, expect level change, squawk 1234, after departure Direct [Point]”


    Pushback & Taxi:


    Pushback can be advised own discretion at Aarhus. Listen to the controller. A push in either direction is allowed. Props may turn on stand without pushback


    Expect Departure 28L or 10R depending on wind.


    Expect taxi via runway 28R/10L. Departure from intersection Y & E is possible without any restriction



    No noise abatement. After passing 400’ a turn in any direction may be commenced



    Expect clearance direct to following points:


    ARDEK (rwy 28L)

    GIPIN (rwy 10R)


    Expect Vectors to final approach, or direct intercept from one of the above points.



    After landing vacate:

    •  Rwy 28L:

    o   Right via Y if possible, otherwise at the end

    •  Rwy 10R

    o   Left via E if possible, otherwise at the end

    NOTE: Vacating to the South is prohibited if not military

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