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  • EKYT – Aalborg Airport

  • General 
    Aalborg Airport, EKYT (AAL), is located in the northern part of Denmark, and is by 2020 the third largest airport in Copenhagen FIR. Aalborg is a civil airport as well as one of the three airbases in Denmark. The airport was built 1938 and was a central airbase in the second world war.
    EKYT_TWR (Aalborg Tower) on 118.300
    EKYT_APP (Aalborg Approach) on 123.975
    EKYT_ATIS on 120.475

    Today Aalborg is home to the Royal Danish Airforce 721st Air Transport Wing Squadron, also known as ATW AAL. The airport got a major update in 2013, with a new, and very classy, terminal building. The must frequent airlines to fly to Aalborg is KLM, Norwegian, DAT, SAS and the newly started, with base in Aalborg, Great Dane Airlines.

    The Aalborg TMA is classified as airspace D from 3500-1500 with the CTR classified, as all Danish controlzones, airspace D from GND-1500. 
    Arrivals to AAL can expect either vectors for arrival or straight in ILS via GIPUG or BAKIT. 
    Taxi and parking:
    Aalborg is controlled, which means that you can expect taxi INSTRUCTIONS and not INFORMATION. Aalborg has only one taxiway from the main terminal, to the runway. The special thing about AAL is, that the parallel runway (Runway 08R/26L) is closed and is used for taxi. 
    Aalborg has 11 stands, with 7 main and a few off terminal & heavy parkings. 

    In Aalborg there are no sids, therefor there is an omdirectional departure: 
    After departure climb on runway heading to 2000’ after which a turn in any directions may be performed.

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