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  • EKYT – Aalborg Airport


  • Operational information short

    Aalborg airport is the main airport serving Nothern-Jutland. Located in beautiful surroundings alongside the Fjord it is a mix of Civil and Millitary airport, splitting it in two. Originally named after the city Ytringe, to which it is situated close to, the code of EKYT was later designated as "Yellow Target" due to the recognizable yellow dots at each runway beginning for military operations. Now it is the third busiest airport in Denmark, serving regular airlines as well as plenty of charter flights, so the imagination is the limit when choosing destinations out of Aalborg


    >>Make sure to read the “Pilot Info” found on page 2 of the Charts in the Charts section<<


  • Most common Airlines

    • Norwegian
    • Scandinavian Airlines
    • Danish Air Transport
    • Great Dane Airlines
    • Jettime
    • KLM
    • Lufthansa
    • Ryanair
    • Easyjet
    • Vueling
    • Atlantic Airways

    Operational Information



    Remember EKDK_CTR still controls Aalborg if local ATC is offline


    Begin you flight at:


    For you departure expect clearance like this:


    “Cleared to Destination via [Point]/[Flightplan route], FL120, expect level change, squawk 1234, after departure follow noise abatement procedure”


    Pushback & Taxi:


    Pushback can be advised own discretion at Aalborg. Listen to the controller. A push in either direction including straight pushback is allowed. Props may turn on stand without pushback


    Expect Departure 26R or 08L depending on wind.


    Expect taxi via taxiway C and runway 26L/08R. Be advised taxiway B & D is only 15metres wide.



    Noise abatement in effect. You must follow these procedures after departure:

    Rwy 08L: Climb straight ahead until passing 2DME inbound AAL, then turn

    Rwy 26R: Climb straight ahead 2000’ then turn

    Note: turn to cleared point as instructed in the ATC clearance

    See procedure on page 3 in the chart package



    Expect clearance direct to following points:


    BAKIT (rwy 26R)

    GIPUG (rwy 08L)


    Expect Vectors to final approach, or direct intercept from one of the above points.



    After landing vacate:

    • Rwy 26R:

                   o   Left via C if possible, otherwise at D or E

    • Rwy 09

                   o   Right via C if possible, otherwise at B or A

    NOTE: B & D only 15 metres wide. Vacating to the North is prohibited if not military





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