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GRP RWY crossings

Jonas Kuster (1158939)

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Jonas Kuster (1158939)

GRP 1.4

While looking for an implementation in LSZH, I've already come across a first issue regarding the custom ground flags (https://vatsim-scandinavia.org/forums/topic/3886-setting-custom-ground-flags-not-accepted-by-specific-flights-due-to-es-calculated-trajectory-has-been-started-already/).

Now I've another question regarding runway crossings, which might be linked to that.

RWY crossing are in most runway concepts in LSZH a regular thing to happen. So such traffic will enter and cross a runway other than their departure or arrival runway. Could there be an option to let the plugin know that this movement is "fine" and no warnings need to be displayed?

At least for departures, it could be an additional custom ground flag, or a separate option where also the runway, that is to be crossed, can be specified (so the warnings are only disabled for the areas of the runway specified). The icing on the cake would be to automatically detect a completed crossing (when the aircraft has left the corresponding protection areas).

Jonas Kuster Leader Operation - vACC Switzerland | www.vacc.ch

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Mark-Julius Pikat (1051954)

I can confirm we have the same issue at an airport with crossing runways, when "line-up" status is used, it would detect it on the wrong runway.

Not sure but maybe it is possible to define a map to filter the warnings in the crossing point or adjust the following RIM/RMCA parameters:

  • System_RMCA_X_extension


  • System_RMCA_NoLineUpState


Mark-Julius Pikat
Chief Executive Officer of VACC Estonia
mark-julius.pikat [at] estvacc.org

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Juha Holopainen

For departures, the taxi ground state will inhibit the warning. Crossing clearances per se will require a lot more code (which runway, where, removal of the clearance when crossing done etc.) as well as airport setup in the plugin settings and may be part of a bigger future update which would include monitoring clearance limits and theoretically even taxi routes. For arrivals, new ground states will need to be implemented as the current ones are all about the departure phase.

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