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Restricted areas not displayed by NOTAM

Maxim Tsygankov (1264756)

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Maxim Tsygankov (1264756)

Hello @Juha Holopainen,

I'm one of the sector developer from Moscow FIR (UUWV).

Some time ago (I don't really know when, but after New Year) our restriction area, which have always been activated by NOTAM stopped working at all.

We have not changes anything in settings, have the latest TopSky beta, but in one moment all areas stopped displaying. I've checked all areas settings according to Dev Guide, but no result.

As I know our colleagues from Rostov FIR (URRV) have the same problem.

We have this NOTAM format in Russia:

K3259/22 NOTAMN
Q) UUWV/QRRCA/IV/BO/W/000/980/5458N04037E043
A) UUWV B) 2201300500 C) 2201311800
D) 30 31 0500-1800
F) GND  G) FL980
CREATED: 28 Jan 2022 15:33:00 

Could you help us? Thank you!

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Maxim Tsygankov (1264756)
2 hours ago, Ricardo Sousa said:

Please post the area definition from the areas.txt file too

N055.13.00.000 E039.28.00.000
N055.07.00.000 E041.37.59.998
N054.42.00.000 E041.45.59.998
N054.44.00.000 E041.10.59.999
N054.50.00.000 E039.45.59.998
N055.13.00.000 E039.28.00.000

So, NOTAM is visible in the list, area is displayed by Settings->Areas->View, but not activated by NOTAM.
It is the global problem, no one area activating by NOTAM is not displayed in proper date and time.


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